Arkansas Prepares Fоr First Dоuble Executiоn In U.S. Since 2000; Inmates Want Executiоns Halted Due Tо Pооr Health

The state executed Ledell Lee last week in the state’s first use of capital punishment since 2005. Gov. Asa Hutchinson originally scheduled four double executions over an 11-day period in April. The eight executions would have been the most by a state in such a short period since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. The state said the executions needed to be carried out before its supply of the sedative midazolam expires on April 30.

Parks Cоmmissiоner: We Are Keeping Thе Prоmise Tо Finish Prоjects Quicker

I quickly got to work on shortening the three parts of the capital process: design, procurement (getting a contractor onboard) and construction. In each of these stages, Parks Department planners, engineers, architects, designers and I found ways to create efficiency. For example, we standardized the design process, started a monthly meeting to remove blocks from slower projects, and limited construction-halting change orders by 78%, reducing them from 407 in 2015 to only 90 in 2016

Curses, FOILed Again Bу a Secretive Bill De Blasiо

Last year, the Village Voice set out to replicate de Blasio’s experiment, asking two dozen city agencies to deliver their logs of FOIL requests — and revealed this month that the agencies de Blasio now oversees as mayor fared terribly, too.