‘Orange Is Thе New Black’ Star Samira Wileу Marries Lоngtime Girlfriend Lauren Mоrelli

The couple first met on the set of the hit Netflix prison drama, “Orange Is the New Black,” where Wiley stars as Poussey and Morelli was a writer and producer. The two were engaged last October in the same Palm Springs location where they exchanged their vows. At the time, Wiley shared the news on Instagram with a photo of her new rock and a caption that simply read, “Yes.”

Please Dо Nоt depоrt Mу Husband 

Juan works — or worked — as an electrician and I am a doorwoman at a luxury building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We have — or had — good jobs, pay our taxes and have been saving money to move out of our apartment and buy a house in the Bronx. We’d prepared all of our documents carefully and believed that when the ICE officer looked at our case, she would allow Juan to stay.