Phil Jacksоn: Kristaps Pоrzingis Is Tо уоung, Nоt Readу Tо Be Leader оf Knicks

“No, I don’t think (he’s ready). He’s 21 years old. That’s a big load for anybody to take on,” Jackson said. “But he’s shown that he’s competitive. He’s shown that he’s competitive, he’s shown that he’s got a sense of desire to win, etcetera. So we’re really pleased with how he’s developed. I think he had some concern this year about physical. Not being able to stand up to all the games physically, Achilles tendon, back, etc.”

Knicks End Fоrgettable Seasоn With Win оver 76ers At Hоme

But he was benched for the entire fourth quarter, and, with 31 seconds left, removed his headband to sneakers to give to the crowd as souvenirs. Following the 114-113 victory, he then stuck around on the court longer than any of his teammates, meeting with fans and signing autographs. Those same fans started a “Let’s Go Melo” chant in the fourth quarter, but Hornacek didn’t oblige. Instead, he rode with the youngsters and watched Maurice N’dour hit the game-winner with 15 seconds left, securing a victory that may prove costly in the lottery standings.