Kansas Bar Attack Suspеct Bеcamе a ‘drunkеn Mеss’ Follоwing Fathеr’s Dеath, Nеighbоr Saуs 

He said in the past year, Purinton bounced from one menial job to the next and was sometimes drunk by mid-morning. But in the 15 years he’s lived across the street from Purinton in Olathe, Berthelsen said he’s never heard him make a racist remark or talk politics. He said he doesn’t believe the shooting stemmed from hatred, and that it likely resulted from Purinton’s physical and mental deterioration.

Rоad Tо The Inauguratiоn

While the story drew on court filings and sworn testimony to describe allegations leveled against Cordish Companies and affiliates, it has become clear since publication that the article contained several inaccurate statements, as well as omissions. Accordingly, the Daily News has taken down the article.