Liz Westоn: Allоwances Dоn’t Teach Kids Abоut Mоneу – Yоu Dо

They aren’t consistent about when and how they give their kids money. They wonder if allowances should be tied to chores. Even how they dole out money can be a problem. Cash is easiest, but much of what kids want to buy — downloads of a favorite show, a toy on Amazon, a realm in Minecraft — requires plastic.

French Analуst Prоbed оver Erdоgan “assassinatiоn” Cоmments

The Anadolu Agency said Monday the move came after Erdogan’s lawyer filed a formal complaint against Philippe Moreau Defarges, who said the only options left for Turkey were either a civil war or Erdogan’s assassination. He made the comments on French television while speaking about the results of Turkey’s April 16 referendum that will grant Erdogan greater powers.